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On this page you will find a lot of golden nuggets to make money with...

Some of the programs and strategies on this page can make you a lot of money, if you have a few dollars to get involved.

 I hope you work hard and make lots of money!

Today's Update 08/24/2013

www.profitclicking.com who was formally www.justbeenpaid.com and is now www.adclickxpress.com is running a scam!

 I tested these con artist for several months, which has almost been a year now, I actually lost my time and original investment of $50.00, the original investment grew to $170.00 on the ad packages, then today 5-14-2013 it went back down under $0.00, with no hope in the foreseeable future of getting my cash back.

I have monitored www.profitclicking.com being professional liars...

They do this by simply not paying as promised, then they start a new company and scam more people with the same scam.

I believe they call this a profit shift, It's a total scam do not get involved.

www.aircargoxpress.com which was another waste of time. I lost time and a $20.00 investment with them. Their website simply disappeared with my money...

 Beware of investing a lot of money with some of these companies. Start out with a minimal investment. Then withdraw to test them, if it works then keep working it for a profit.

But do not invest more than you are willing to lose with any of these online investment companies.

More Bad News...



disappeared and seems to also be a scam...

 Most of these online company's are here today, gone tomorrow, so please be careful.

My best advice to anyone is: invest your money in a piece of land, with your own water well, chickens and corn fields to grow your own corn for the chickens.

I simply intend on only keeping legitimate businesses on this website!

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